Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sick at last!

Seems that I definitely beat the curve of foreigners getting sick in India, but I'm not immune. Instead of the usual 1-2 weeks, it took me a full 10 weeks to get sick here!
(I should note that for the first 8 weeks I was under wonderful culinary care by the Chauhan family and then HMI's 'adventurous' cooks, but that really hurts my case as an outstanding traveler, so let's not dwell on that!)

This is the serene spot in Mirik where I consumed the presumed problematic momos. I just happened to take this picture because I thought it was a nice scene, not because I felt sick within seconds. These momos weren't actually that powerful -- my friend's stomach stood up to the onslaught for nearly a quarter day, while my system seemed at peace before a complete catastrophic, instantaneous failure a full 13 hours after the initial attack.
Isn't it beautiful?

The establishment responsible for the "cooking" of the momos is behind the photographer here -- no need to put them out of business (I just checked and my blog has readers in 31 countries currently!). Separately, the momos aren't at fault -- the dudes who hang out here with horses for rent seem to enjoy them just fine.

This is me still feeling sick, back in Darjeeling. Luckily there were Hob Nobs and Mazaa (Mango pulp juice):

After going to the po-dunk hospital in Mirik, and getting my free doctor visit and antibiotics (thanks, India!), I'm now back to normal (~3 days w/o food or drink).