Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tips for Sydney Airport

When you first arrive in Sydney and are waiting for your connection to New Zealand, here are a few suggestions. First the Don'ts:
  1. Don't get distracted by the free internet kiosk with all the asian kids climbing all over it, waiting for you to finish checking your email (and reading while you type)
  2. Don't get distracted by the exciting non-US based fast food chaing (noodle-in-a-box, etc.)

Now for the Do's (you are a United Premier member, right?):

  1. Go upstairs to the Air New Zealand lounge, ask them if there's anything you should know about. They told me about this stamp that I had to get before my next flight, something the Transfer Counter should have told me when I checked in downstairs, but somehow failed. ps. They will print your full itinerary for you if you don't have a paper copy of it (which you will need for the stamp in question).
  2. Once in the lounge, don't get distracted by the foods, that'll come in later. Rather, find the awesomely spacious, clean, and well stocked showers. Enjoy it after your 14 hour flight. Don't miss the provided full-size terrycloth towels.
  3. Now it's on to the food. Of course everyone here is on various body times, so they've got all the meals covered. I'm enjoying my pecan / mango / cheese salad with a glass of juice. Decided to pass up the Pinot Noir, although it is 3pm body time.
  4. Oh, and there's free internet on clean computers up here too, sans pokemon-toting voyeurs. :-) (Wish I had carried-on my camera cable for some pic uploading...)

Time to read the news and enjoy the live music!


  1. This is awesome, Holden. If and when you get tired and too busy to keep up on the blog, I understand. But until then, very entertaining.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Randy! I posted my latest escapade already!(Don't expect this the entire trip! ;-))


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