Saturday, January 19, 2008

Queenstown to the max

Queenstown is known for extreme sports - bungy jumping (they invented it here?), jetboats, skiing, river surfing, canyoneering, sky diving, paragliding, mountain biking, you get the gist.

Today I went Jetboating in Queenstown. It was amazing. We didn't hit any rocks, but I did take that picture above that looks different. We went about 50 mph. The OLD boats had a single engine, Chevy 496 Big Block. The new ones have twin engines, not sure the size/power. These boats definitely rivaled the boat I rode on for work in Monterrey, California last year. Except we were in canyons. Doing 360s. Without seatbelts.

Here's their website and promo video:
Here's a representative video that I shot (plenty more footage, just didn't want to upload it all):

Gonna give the bungy jumping a pass (did you know you can do it from a hanging Gondola, 134 meters!? Check it: "Purpose designed and built purely for Bungy jumping with 30 different patents this award winning structure has to be seen to be believed. The jump pod is suspended by high-tension wires that span 380 metres across The Nevis River, access is by cable car for jumps & spectators alike." Maybe next time when I have money to burn... 8 seconds of free fall for $200.)

From here I'm on to Milford sound just for a night or two, and then doing a 1 week trek through Fjordland Nat'l Park and on part of the Routeburn Track. I should try and find a way to post my route on google maps or something... Might email again tomorrow, so leave a message for me. After that it'll be a full week before the next update.

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