Saturday, January 26, 2008


Campervans are awesome. I didn't realize this until I came to New Zealand and they're everywhere here. It's more or less a way of life for the travelers, Kiwis or foreigners.

Check out this sweet ride that I got to ride in for about 10 km back from Milford Sound. This baby has 4 gears, and each one goes up to about 3,000 rpm! It's got a mean front grill, and the 2 burner grill inside is no less intense! The guy who gave me a lift is a 65 year old National Geographic photographer who doesn't have an email address. Awesome.

There's a great company here that rents "Wicked" camper vans, and while some are in poor taste, others are hilarious. Example, the one that is "Emo" themed and notes, in handwritten paint "I'm so Emo, I was punched by a carebear."

Random awesome jeep for ya.


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