Saturday, January 19, 2008

Southward to Queenstown

So I was able to get a ride with some other backpackers (one of whom rented a car) down to Queenstown. We took the full day to make the 6 hour drive, stopping to pet the alpacas and swim in the fantastically green glacial melt lakes. Even did a little side hike at the base of Mt. Cook (highest mtn. in Australiasia). This first photo shows Mt. Cook to the left of my head. The second photo is just me in front of the lake where we swam, Lake Tekapo. Its milky/cloudy from the sediment suspended from when the glacier scraped out the valley. Mt. Cook is in the background, a few clouds occluding part of it.

In the evening we made it to Queenstown, and had an awesome night on the beach (lake Wakatipu) and eating, watching the sunset.

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