Friday, July 12, 2013

Beach Huts in Samoa

The traditional house in Samoa is a hut called a “fale.”  Fales generally are open-air (no walls) but with pillars (usually 8, sometimes more), and a thatched roof.  If they’re used for sleeping (as a bedroom), they may have some woven banana leaves for privacy and for sideways rain.  Often, a village’s (or family’s) main common room / living room fale is open air and it’s not uncommon to see a widescreen TV out for all to see (and steal, though this is not a problem in such a small community).

Here are two quick tours of fales that we stayed in while on the island of Savai’i in Samoa!

This is a fale at Regina’s on the north side of the island, by many awesome dive sites (Shoutout to Dive Savaii, a great dive shop!):

And here’s “Chalet Anne” at Lucia’s near Tofua Crater:

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