Monday, September 1, 2008

Yep, back in LA

Honestly, I think that everyone who might read this knows that I'm back in Los Angeles. And it's pretty friggin' nice. Let's see what I've been up to:

Supporting weddings on the beach.

Cruisin' around town in the drop top. The old haunts.
Cruising through the mountains and beaches in the ole' roadster.
Driving up the coast to see the family in the Bay Area:
Hangin' at the pool all-american style: PB&J sandwiches, pretzels, cola, lifeguards, etc..

Seein' some tall ships and cruising around San Pedro Harbor:
Office antics as they always were:
Pylon races in the office. (Before things degenerate into these dogfights. (Where I'm always victorious!)

A better video of the planes is here.

And the road races that continue to bring us together at lunchtime:

And beach parties with friends -- more photos to come: