Sunday, April 13, 2008

Places Not To Fall Down, Episode 8

Caution: Strong smells ahead.

Kinda self explanatory, if you've heard of an open drain.


  1. Sweet clip bro. I like the cool mechanical handlebar brake linkage shot... That open sewage ditch is sweet - wish we had those here... too bad you can't send smells over the net - oh wait, I think someone's working on that already.

    I'm disapointed however, - you promised that you would have the rickshaw in tow by now, blasting reggae beats to the people of India - what's up with that?


  2. Asviper:

    Yeah, no rickshaw yet. I'm making friends with the guys who pedal the ice cream around. Maybe one day I can go with the guy on his circuit. One of the dudes has a huge bumpin' system strapped to the bottom of his cooler. :-) Talk about a winning combination!

    Now get back to your Mini-Z!


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