Sunday, April 6, 2008

Electric Vehicle rant

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Most of you know that I really like the idea of electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles. Thanks to my friend SP for pointing out Mike Adams' ( great cartoon about "GreenBoasting." Adams writes:

"Why did Ford, GM and most of the American car companies ridicule Toyota over the idea of hybrid cars, and then later jump on the bandwagon with half-hybrid vehicles that don't really qualify as full hybrids in the first place? ... The truth is that auto companies are into GREENBOASTING -- the practice of spouting off environmental-sounding nonsense in order to please customers and increase sales."

While I do think that Tesla Motors have a fantastic vehicle, I think there's a better solution for me. For those that don't know, Tesla can boast some serious numbers (from their website):
  • 0-60 in 3.9 seconds
  • 135 miles per gallon equivalent
  • 220 mile range
  • All electric, enabling a cost of 2 cents per mile!
  • Currently in production!
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The "Better Solution" that's out there for someone that needs an everyday car, a daily driver, as opposed to a sports car, is the plug-in hybrid vehicle. This way, you can putz around town going to work and back on all electric power. When you do want to take a road trip, you can still fill up at the gas station.

There are the numbers from Aptera's plug-in hybrid (from their website):
  • 40+ miles on electric charge (enough for the great majority of Americans)
  • 130 MPG for road trips (anything greater than 120 miles)
  • 85+ mph top speed
  • a bit sluggish 0-60 in 10 seconds
  • $29,900 sticker price ($3k less if you want all electric)
  • "Production of the Aptera is slated for late 2008."

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  1. I choose the Aptera hands down. Much cheaper.

  2. tim's boss is getting the tesla :)

  3. Totally awesome talk -- check it:

  4. Jos, that is a very good talk! Especially for entrepreneurs (Martin gives some of his lessons from doing multiple startups).

    I listened to it on my OLPC this morning!


  5. By the way -- if you want to Skype some time let me know -- I'll add you to my buddy list, so I see when you're on.

  6. Sounds good, Jos. I'm on skype as "hbonwit" (no quotes) sometimes. The power and internet both have intermittent, unscheduled, multi-hour outages here, unfortunately.


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