Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No, I did *not* send you spam email.

I just found out that for the past three months my emails have not been delivered due to my email signature containing my blog URL. Turns out that lots of spam email have links in them to websites that end in "" as my blog has, and as a result, spam filters have been throwing me in with all the good herbal male enhancement ads. Wonderful.

The following antispam rules were triggered by this message:
BLOGSPOT_URL 0.500 Blogspot URL found
X-GT-Spam-Rating: ###### (61%)

So if you like, pull up your spam folder, and do a search for hbonwit, and see if there's any emails in there from me. Cause now I'm generally curious if I really am that un-email-reply-worthy.

Of course you don't have to change anything to view this blog in the future, I've just created another way for you to view it. You can visit the redirection website:

(At least I didn't suffer a broken marriage because of this problem, like these folks! More onthe issue here, if you're interested.)

And here's some cow dung for you, don't spend it all in one place:
That will be all.

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  1. Wow , that must have been a gigantic cow that laid that steamer! I know them things are sacred over there but damn!



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