Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blue Cruise in Turkey’s Med

There’s a common short-week cruise in the south of Turkey ran by a plethora of tour operators.  We cruised for 4 days on a ship with 8 passengers and 2 crew, between the cities of Demre and Fetiyeh, stopping at Kas (for a scuba dive) and a few other small towns/areas.  (Not much sailing going on around us, or I would have been sad that our sailboat wasn’t rigged.) Our home for a few days:
We cruised through islands and long peninsulas of Turkey, and through plenty of areas which had been occupied by the Hittites, Lyceans, and other groups.  Plenty of evidence of past towns, including this city, which is half sunken; the stairway here is just one example:

Beautiful forts on top of mountains!

Some more submerged town parts – this is an old mausoleum (grave).  On the far end from where the photo was taken, it was cracked, and you cold see in.  Alternatively, if you had super-strength, I guess you could simply lift the top off.DSCF4246

Hard to beat the scenery:

Our dining table on the back of the boat.  Our captain was a chef in a past life and delivered our best meals of our entire time in Turkey.  Fresh fish, lamb kofte, plenty of vegetarian options, delicious melding of flavors.

Some afternoons we were visited by the Ice Cream Boat:

Another afternoon, a boat selling prepared-on-the-spot filled pancakes ( gozleme ), with this one-woman operation (and her son for boating & drumming up business):

Plenty of time for backgammon, as well as swimming a few times a day!

Hiking up St. Nicolas island, occupied by Christians since the 6th century:

And watching the sunset from there:
One of my favorite moments from the cruise, and photos, due to the symmetry of the boats!

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