Sunday, February 10, 2008

Goat Island Marine Reserve & Mountain Biking

This past weekend (okay, way back in early Feb.) I hung out with some family friends in Auckland and was eager to take them up on their offer to go up to the family bach (holiday home) at the beach a bit north of the city. On Saturday we went to the Goat Island Marine Reserve and did some snorkeling. Glad that my camera was waterproof, I was able to take some good stills and videos. (Click the above image to really see the good detail of the shrimp and fish that decided my ankle was really interesting.)

Sunday we went mountain biking at a great spot somewhat like a ski resort, but for mountain bikes. Called Woodhill Mountain Bike Park, it probably had a few hundred kilometers of bike tracks/routes through the forest, from beginner to advanced. Good trailer / advertisement, click here. Check out two of the many structures they've put up for the advanced riders:
Holden & Bike for size comaprison only, no other claims made... :)

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  1. Dude that shrimp-shot is sweet. Glad that camera is working out. Looks like the pacific NW except the water looks warmer


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