Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Down here, even McDonalds is "good."

You can click the image to see it larger, and read on the paper placemat in my (regulation size and color) McDonalds tray that they are doing some really positive things down here in NZ that make me less afraid of visiting their restaurants.

Makes me feel like there's hope for all this international, regulation-free, capitalism, after all!


  1. Does it make the food taste any better?

  2. Food tastes the same, but they seem to understand that human beings don't need to eat Orc-sized meals down here. I got the "Feed 2 pack" with a friend: 1 cheesburger, 1 big mac, 1 coke, and 1 medium fries.

  3. "Orc-sized?" Ha, awesome. Lord of the Rings on your mind much?

  4. You should add how much YOU got out of the 'non-orc-seized' meal! Some people eat like Hobbits!

    I wonder where you get your hope for the capitalism from? You must have met some really intelligent mates ;)

  5. You mean...McDonald's isn't good everywhere?



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