Thursday, January 4, 2024

Are you Wealthy?

  A while back I enjoyed a weekend program through nonprofit alternative business school called Groundswell in Vancouver.  It focused on our relationship to money, skills and serving specific communities, and a bit of decolonization thinking.

The program challenged us to define "wealth" in a broader context; to be more diverse than simply money.  As a group, we identified 8 types of capital, and financial (or "money") was just 1 of those:
  • Social Capital
  • Cultural Capital
  • Spiritual Capital
  • Experiential Capital
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Financial Capital
  • Material Capital
  • Natural Capital

There were some graphics in the program (which I don't have access to), but I ended up creating a little one of my own as a reminder - and thought it would be fun to share here.  

8 forms of capital; there are likely many others!

Do you feel guilty?  Do you feel proud? Do you feel optimistic / excited?

Do you feel wealthy?

What's one positive way you will change how you speak in the future?

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