Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sun was hiding, but the animals weren't

Took a morning drive through Nairobi National Park today, and while the light was flat, still took a couple good snaps!

I've shared a few photos before from Nairobi National Park, and I have a feeling I'll do it again!  Just so great to have such a resource so close to / inside the city!

Uhh.. I'm not good with birds. These are ... ducks?

Guinea fowl never gets old to watch!

Amazing blue humming-type bird!

A chompin' impala

Masai Giraffe spotted here and there (terrible, I know!)

Couple beatiful bush plants were blooming:

Why did the zebra cross the road?

... to catch up with all the other zebras, perhaps?

Vervet monkeys here and there

Lioness in a tree, keeping wary watch of the tourists!

While her buddy chomps down on the kill below!

Getting' all the good stuff from the bones!

And yet looking so clean at the same time!
(I really would have loved some good sunlight today!)

Beautiful tree climbing!

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