Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to the United Kingdom

We’ve begun our one-year stay in the UK with a quick trip around the southern coast (4-days quick, that is).  We walked about 8 miles per day, average.  Tired feet!  We visited Brighton, Hastings, and London before heading up to Oxford.  No pics of Oxford, but don’t worry, there will be many posts forthcoming!

Brighton Pavilion – Indian on the outside, Chinese on the inside.  Gold leaf, blue and red and yellow wallpaper, dragon chandeliers (the one in the dining room is 30 feet tall!)
2013-09-20 14.23.26
The pavilion gardens showed color, and Britain’s clouds shared the sun with us that day!
2013-09-20 14.26.17
Following street-art instructions!

2013-09-20 15.24.45

In Hastings, we visited the Smuggler’s Adventure (museum) which noted the history of the excise and other taxes.  Note the printer for this document – Oxford!
2013-09-21 10.27.49
The view over Hastings, from up on a cliff’s bluff:
2013-09-21 11.19.23
And inside one of the funicular railway tubes:
2013-09-21 11.26.12

London by bicycle tour (daytime) and walking tour (nighttime):

2013-09-22 16.35.29
Tower Bridge, my favorite!  A truss, suspension, and draw bridge, all in one!
2013-09-22 17.45.43
Catching the sights on either side of the Thames – the London Eye, Parliament, Big Ben, among others:2013-09-21 19.29.17 
The gherkin:
2013-09-22 16.12.25

Loads of Tube rides!
2013-09-22 19.09.42

And an appearance at Buckingham Palace for the 60th commemoration of the Queen’s Coronation:
2013-09-23 12.09.20

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