Friday, August 12, 2011

Upcoming project: Art + Science!

Here is a picture of a project in the works -- any guesses what it will end up being?

Hints are the photo as well as:

  • The item will be about 12 feet long (not unlike my Rubens' Tube)!
  • The item will involve lighting that can be used as a learning tool.
  • I did a science fair project on a similar item back in 6th grade.
Who's got a guess?


  1. One of these thingys?,1567.html (I don't really think that's what it's going to be, but it'd be really cool if you made a giant one)

  2. Nope! Not tooooo far from the truth, though! Keep trying. :)

  3. Nope, not EV Nuts, though that's a great idea!

    Would they, perhaps be regular old nuts (from a bolt, that is), but with lightning bolts etched in the outer walls? Maybe 2" thread size?


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