Sunday, February 3, 2008


Spent the day walking around downtown Wellington yesterday.

I was able to take a look around the Te Papa - New Zealand's national museum. Saw some exhibits on the native Maori peoples (not unlike those at the Auckland museum -- which were more complete, I thought), the environment in NZ (complete with magnitude 5 earthquake simulation and volcanoe demonstrations), and some local artwork. It was way too big a museum for 1 day, and the feet were aching.

Also had a chance to look at the botanical gardens and ride the historic Wellington Cable Car (and watch the nearby cricket match happening in the park).

Oh, and I like this huge billboard ad for Adidas that shows the traditonal Haka dance. Possibly the best two videos on youtube, very worth watching:

Video 1

Video 2 (Not sure where that second link went...)



  1. I was not familiar with the New Zealand Haka. However, I was familiar with the Hawaiian one...

  2. Yeah, Randy, I'm not surprised.

    The Maoris and the natives in Hawaii share a lot of customs, history, and language. Thanks for pointing this out; I hadn't seen it!


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