Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rock climbing in NZ

Just a note about climbing here in NZ. It's pretty special.

Someone made a movie about it, you can watch the 5 minute trailer here.

What he says is right, about the attitude of the climbers, and the frequency of the climbing sites. It was a lot of fun just to go out and boulder around with some amazing climbers the evening I stayed at the hut.

I think that climbing here deserves a trip in itself. Need to get a bit better to appreciate what this place has to offer. Either that, or just move down here like some of the climbers did!


  1. your doing it man! i'm getting excited (at the gentle hour of 2 a.m.) just knowing you have so much fun, and crazyness ahead of you

    ....this is it, the story of your life, playing out right now. i'm so happy for u. live it up

  2. HB! It looks... well, there aren't really words. My heart is light when I see pics of you out there in the world doing what you said you would do. We all talk about it. You're doing it! Sorry I didn't make it out to your goodbye. I'm looking forward to great stories and some life's wisdom when you get back. xox


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