Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Moveable Feast!

Some friends and I are undertaking a new project, and I thought I'd share some details here!  We're working to make a pedal-powered banquet for 8 people -- a bicycle of sorts, decorated as a legitimately fancy and functional dining table!

[Image hosted by Kickstarter!]

While we're still sorting out the main frame and some drivetrain / steering parts (think lazy susan for steering wheel!), we've finished building the main wheels -- using input from other pedal-powered teams, such as the "Big Dog" and the "Dog Sled" by Tom Wilson.  Here's me with our first wheel -- comprising an unused plastic sewage pipe, an old aluminum car wheel, some 1/16" aircraft cable, and some bits, bobs, and elbow grease!

If you're curious how you can keep up with us, and even enjoy a Moveable Feast on the Banquet Bike, please consider buying a portion of the project at our Kickstarter page!  The rewards are a darned good deal, and fun as well!  As noted, this will probably cost us about $4000, and let us know if you'd like to contribute with a different reward, we can accomodate that!

If you decide to help this dream come to life, thank you!  We're really learning a lot, and creating a beautiful thing, in part due to your generosity!  Please consider helping us spread smiles!

Separately, our fearless leader Dan is keeping up some notes as well, over at

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