Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Camping in Central California!

This past weekend a few of us drove up to Bishop, CA, which is just south of Mammoth Lakes on the east side of the Sierra Mountain range.
Camping Partner, Special Friend.

Our tent site at the Pit, which was free, courtesy of the research groups that rented out the whole place. High desert, yum!Hard to beat butter, eggs, avocado, tomato, and cheddar. Really hard.

We took time out to do some hiking up to Treasure Lakes, through the snow that we weren't quite prepared for.

John Muir Wilderness is one of my favorites, for sure.
Retreat!!! Snowballs aren't supposed to be that big!
South Lake, outside Bishop, CA. 81 degrees, 10,000 feet, Sunny, Snow on the ground. Bliss.
Aspen groves were out in full force! So beautiful to see the shimmering leaves!

And I forgot to take any snaps, but this is a reasonable stock photo of one of the TWO hot springs that we visited during the weekend!
Thanks, iStockphoto!

Also, the Bishop area has some of the best bouldering around, so we naturally had to take it easy with some climber friends
Dynamic move to the crux of the problem!
Soft hands to cradle.
Harder than it looks.


Hooping with the Sierras as a backdrop (and a canyon just behind the cameraman).

Triumph! Love this shot because of the colors. It's got a swath of green in the center/right, blue at the top, and reddish tones on the bottom left.


  1. Man, looks like you guys had fun! Wish I could have been there... I guess there will be plenty of time to play after I'm a scientist. *sigh* Even my hula hoop is on the back burner!

    Hope to see you guys soon!

    p.s. that first photo of Meagan is super cute.

  2. glad you are enjoy life and the outdoors, holden!:)

  3. Hey Holden,

    Sweet pics when did you get so ripped? How's life in So Cal? You should get on skype sometime so we can catch up


  4. Katie,

    There will be plenty more time for fun in this state! :) The weather is just about always useful for some sort of fun: sand, snow, sunny, or even windy!

    Megs, thanks! I need to catch up on your end of things at the AndersonFarm blog!

    Alan, I definitely am not ripped -- Those are all of other folks climbing, the only one that I'm in is the downward looking shot (I'm the lanky spotter over the red crash pad) and the "Stuck!" photo.

  5. Looks like a fun trip! we were at Mammoth in late July, a beautiful area for hiking. Let me know next time you go North, might come out and meet you :)


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