Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009

About this time last year I did a quick post about Poverty, highlighting my thoughts on the global situation, as well as a few groups that are doing their best to alleviate the pain involved.

I encourage you to read the post here, as not much has changed. However, I have to say, since then, I have donated to Kiva, enabled a few loans, gotten my money repaid in full, and loaned it out again. And it feels great. Give it a try for as little as $25, please! And let me know how it works out!

This year's Blog Action Day focuses on climate change. Unfortunately, there's still a lot of discussion on whether "global warming" is "real" or not, and whether humans should feel responsible. Personally, in my daily life, I could care less whether the temperature is rising or falling, though I do admit that is important. What I do care about is living sustainably. I would like to be able to say, 100 years from today, that I did my best to preserve the Earth for future generations.

Certainly none of us (that I know of) can say this today, as we are living as major consumers, and in an extremely carbon-negative way.

Thankfully, lots of us are working on long term solutions, from cleaner transportation, cleaner energy generation (and use!), as well as trying to re-set the environments we've destroyed so far.

For some of us it's been a while since we've honestly thought about these types of issues, and if so, perhaps we (you, me, everyone!) should take 5 minutes out of our day to reflect on how we're living, and how we're treating the Earth!

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