Sunday, June 21, 2009

New HoBby for HB

Let this post serve as an accountability tool for my newest endeavor: learning to ride a unicycle! When you check in with me next, inquire about how my self-teaching lessons are going, and ask what my current struggles are!

My end goal isn't to join a circus, although the thought hasn't entirely left my mind.
(The above picture was taken in Wellington, New Zealand, Feb. 3, 2008)

Here's my first unicycle: a 20" wheel, road tire, CyclePro brand. Picked up off Craigslist, sans one part, for $50, up and running for $65.

In the 1 week that I've been riding, I've done 5 lessons, roughly 30 minutes each, and I'm just now starting to let go of the wall that I ride near, for very short distances (less than 5 feet).

(Sorry for the terrible sound. I'm just saying I ride roughly 30 minutes a day for the past week.)

If I get a bit o' feedback, I'll continue posting (better) videos of my progress.


  1. Really cool Holden! Good luck with your new hobby:)

  2. Right on, thanks for the comment, Jennifer (Margaret?).

    I'll check out your site as well!


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