Friday, October 10, 2008

Good is where it's at.

Just thought I'd do a quick Friday post to keep folks excited about the world.

If you haven't heard of Good Magazine, I advise you to get over to their website and sign up for a subscription. Right now they have a (Radiohead-esque) promotion where you can pay whatever you like. All of the money that you decide to give goes to the charity of your choice (magazines are paid for by advertising, not subscription fees didn't you know?)

Good is a magazine for people who give a damn. I've described it to friends as a combination of art, politics, emerging technologies and general things that are "good" about this world of ours. Oh, and each issue has a central theme including a wicked quantitative graphical section.

Graphic with how much power is output by the sun vs. humans' power consumption.

So get on over, donate a few bucks ($20?) and support a great publication that will enrich your life!

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