Monday, March 24, 2008

Brief Tacoma, WA visit

On the way home from Alaska, I had the chance to briefly visit Dayna and her family, which was great. Dayna was a pro at the "relaxing" pace of touring that I was after, and so we got a really enjoyable *rain free* day to see Tacoma. We took in some Chihuly glass sculptures, in and around the Union Station and glass museum.
Before that we'd wandered north of Tacoma to the site of the famous Tacoma Narrows Bridge, that all of us engineers learned about in school. The bridge was rebuilt (click the link above to see a video of it collapsing), and now, there is a second, parallel bridge to carry the excess traffic.

There's some serious potential for tidal power generation, although I'm told that folks have looked into it and it's not cost effective. Looking down from the train bridge, and watching some seals try and swim towards the ocean (to the right in the photo) was like watching a shrimp on a treadmill.