Monday, December 24, 2007

First post: Details

Why Blog?

I guess the idea is that there are varying levels of interest my life, and sometimes its hard to decide whether you'll be bugging someone if you send them emails, or on the contrary, you'll be hurting someone's feelings by not including them. This removes all that uncomfort and places the power back in the people's hands.

If you love me, go ahead and subscribe to the blog (left of this paragraph), get emailed when it's updated, and leave all kinds of Karma-riffic feedback for me. I'll probably reply either in email, or as a comment on my own blog.

The real first post:
Well, not sure how to start this whole blog thing, but I think starting is the hardest part, and so here goes. I guess this is a good site to aggregate information that people might want to know about me in the coming months. First off, how about an itinerary?

December 2007 - January 14, 2008: Simi Valley, CA
January 14: Fly to Auckland, New Zealand
February 28: Fly to Sydney, Australia
March 4: Fly to Los Angeles, CA

March 8: Fly to Nome, AK
March 17: Fly to Los Angeles, CA (arrive March 18)

March 25: Fly to Delhi, India (arrive March 26)
July 23: Fly to Singapore
July 29: Fly to Los Angeles, CA

Now, let it be noted that posting this itinerary certainly flies in the face of some of my more recent realizations that this trip shouldn't necessarily be viewed as a strict "round the world and back" experience in itself. Rather, this is my life for the next few months. More simply, THIS IS MY LIFE. More on this topic later.

Some sites for my records:

Honestly, something like might be closer to what I'm looking for; check back here for updates to see if I've switched. Maybe I can embed that content in here.

I'm hoping to be able to do some CouchSurfing while on my travels, not only as a penny-saver, but also as a way to meet locals and share culture. Might be able to cook some meals for hosts, as well. If you're not aware, check it out:

More to come before the trip commences - outlook, goals, expectations, attitude

Random link for ya: Dancing around the world. (And the worthwhile outtakes.)

End of first post! Gimme some feedback!

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