Monday, January 8, 2024

What 2024 could look like

Not-optimized or ranked list of stuff I want to do in 2024:

Most days:

  1. Drink water (1.5 glasses) very first thing.
  2. Don't check phone for first little bit
  3. Meditate for 10 mins.
  4. Hug every family member.
  5. Read a bit.
  6. Don't check phone for last little bit.

Most weeks:

  1. Spend 6 hours per week on personal passion projects (spark joy in self, be a model for kids, and discover a blue flame).
  2. Date with partner: connect, generate joy & passion (minimal kiddo talk).
  3. More than 1 gym session.
  4. More than 1 trail run or similar.

Most months:

  1. Life check-in: Are all family members getting what they need?
Once per year:
  1. A personal getaway.

With kids:

  1. Kind and Firm.  (Compassion & Boundaries.)
  2. Lean into their passions a bit more; suggest mine a bit less.
  3. Phone away while with them (unless related to them, and/or for jotting a note/to do for later)

With friends:

  1. Try for weekly check-ins; don't wait for crises.
  2. Maintain a formal men's group, as well as informal friend relationships. 

Inspired a bit by a couple of tweets:

  •  Sahil's "Anti-To-Do List" here. -- it bears noting that I love a lot of the other ones on his list, but simply haven't personally struggled with them, so not worth holding as my core beliefs. An example is "Do not allow comparison, envy, or jealousy to enter your headspace." and of course, since I hardly post anything online, "Do not fall victim to the algorithm vortex."

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