Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Denver co-working roundup: June 2017

As we passed through Denver, we wanted to check out the local coworking spaces – find out quick reviews below, and chime in in comments if we missed some!
Overall, we were really impressed with the professionalism in each space, the blend of networking opportunities, and the quality of perks. We’d happily work at these places again!
  1. Green Spaces – newish space with a definite warm community focus on environmental sustainability. Lovely yoga on Tuesdays and other events; very welcoming! (link)
  2. Galvanize – entrenched big national brand name, strong focus on learning and professional improvement through courses. Slightly modern corporate feel in the interest of productivity. (link and link) (2 locations in Denver)
  3. Shift – modern cozy professional vibe, amazing steampunk-ish design in their new location, standard amenities plus extras like a gym! (link) (2 locations in Denver)
  4. Thrive –  modern cozy professional-but-edgy vibe, family run and slow sustainable growth seem to be working in their community. (link) (2 locations in Denver)
  5. WeWork – huge facilities (1200 desks at Union Station location) and associated nationwide network of 198 locations globally make this an outlier compared with above. Huge network, but not clear how well-linked/tight it is as opposed to simply a coworking space (that Microsoft and Sprint use) (link) (2 locations in Denver)
  6. Union Station – not a coworking space, but many folks come for the awesome interior vibe, plethora of coffee, ice cream, and restaurants, and apparently wifi.  Free, but bring headphones!

Sample pricing
SpaceSample PackagesNotes
Green Spaces$75 for 2 days/mo, $195/mo hot deskSolar powered, focus on green companies
Thrive$50 Starter; $275/mo hot desk2 locations, family-run
Shift$25 Day Pass, $279/mo hot desk2 locations, gyms!
WeWork$45 Day Pass, $220/mo hot desk2 locations (near each other)
Galvanize$349/mo hot desk 2 locations, learning-focus!

If you want more reviews, check out this list and this directory!

Why choose?  You can sign up for a Deskpass that lets you change work spots very frequently (though not all above spaces are eligible) – check them out here!


We loved the decor at Shift @ Bannock – hard to tell but the piece hanging above the bar has moving gears. The roll-up doors to the balcony create an open, inspiring vibe.
IMG_20170628_123056960 (Medium)

Shift @ Bannock – comfy and beautiful retro design, 
allegedly using old hardware pieces found in the building!
IMG_20170623_163043627 (Medium)

Denver is eminently bike-able!  
Union Station is beautiful inside, and not a bad thought for a work space, as long as you’re not distracted easily.
IMG_20170707_092838806_HDR (Medium)

Hard to ignore how beautiful the streets of Denver are, this time of year!
IMG_20170706_152358585_HDR (Medium)

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