Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Climbing Mt. Kenya

Recently I climbed the hiking route (non-technical ascent) of Lenana Peak, the third-tallest peak (still respectable 16,354 ft / 4,985 m) of Mt. Kenya. We used the Sirimon route, both up, and down.

We left Nairobi on a matatu (public minivan) on Friday afternoon, slept in Nanyuki town.

Woke up Saturday morning, started hiking, slept at Old Moses Hut Saturday night.
Hiked up Sunday to spend the night at Shipton's Camp.
Woke at 3am, climbed up to the summit by sunrise, and then all the way back down to Nairobi by Sunday night!

End of hike pic:

Snow melt and ice; great for hot feet on a hike!

A couple of guides & brothers, with the peak in the background

It's been a bit dry lately...

Shipton's camp in the backgroud; doing an afternoon hike to help acclimatize.

Cute mice & horax here and there.

Peak had some weather coming & going

Hiking under moon + starlight!

Getting near the top at first light!

Orange lichen, I guess?

So cool looking!

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?
What kind of bird is this?
Check out some other crazy birds here!

Beautiful symmetry of succulents!

High-altitude chameleon!

Not sure what these are!  Birds of some sort

Full moon setting just as the sun rose!

Random little brown birdie I got close to.

Chipmunk! Don't see many in Africa!

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