Monday, February 13, 2017

Our backyard: Nairobi National Park

I've shared photos from our quick trips to Nairobi National Park twice before (1 here & 2 here), but just had to share these from our two recent fast overnights -- Saturday afternoon game drive, camping, then Sunday morning game drive.

Had to start with the iconic Nairobi skyline shots:

Now playing around with multi-subject shots a bit:

So cute to see a mother lion with 5 cubs!

This watering hole was a popular spot on Saturday!

Setting up and enjoying camp!

One of the caretakers at the campground tries to keep us warm, but not toooo warm! 


The closer the better for now. :-)

Ostrich family!  We counted 12 babies!

This duck seems oblivious to the group hanging out behind him...

And some photos from a trip late in 2016 to the same park:

Fish Eagle

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