Monday, January 11, 2016

A week in Cape Town and surrounds

Welcome to Cape Town wine country!
Mmmmm! Grapes!

Visiting the Jackass Penguins in Simon's Town!

Fuzzy Friend Footprint!

Multi-colored lizard!

Looking down the coast towards Cape Point

Beautiful colors of the crashing waves!

Coming in hot for a landing near the light house at Cape Point!
Well situated!

Some quarrels about food, mates, territory or all of the above!

Yep, that' organgey thing is alive!

So cute, these succulents!
Lovin' the proteas!

Such vibrant colors!

A pudgy Rock Hyrax up at Table Mountain

Some pretty stellar digs

With some friends who passed by for some freshwater from time to time:

A stark contrast: Nelson Mandela's cell on Robben Island

Can you tell which cell was Nelson Mandela's?  More importantly: does it matter?

African sacred ibis

Blue Cranes, the National Bird of South Africa:



Slow-poke surrounded by fast feet!

White lion!

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