Thursday, August 22, 2013

Final night in Istanbul

We hadn’t yet stopped by the Blue Mosque, despite the fact that it (and the Hagia Sophia) were easily visible from our hotel window, and only about a 1 minute walk away.  Beautiful building / complex:
(Still playing with panorama photos on this X20 camera)

Inside the Blue Mosque there’s a gigantic volume of space and area for Muslims to pray in/on:
(Another panorama!)
Outside, hundreds of families are breaking the fast after the sun sets, in the large open square / hippodrome.  We were offered to join in this joyous time with totally random families throughout our time in Turkey.

Gazing north from the same spot, the Hagia Sophia is magnificent, especially when accented with the fountain!

Turkish Coffee roasting on hot coals!

Honestly, this iPad photo tourist thing is getting way out of control:

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