Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday night project: Medium Jenga

I had recently played a game of Jumbo Jenga, and had a blast with friends.  Here's the set we played with:

So I decided that while Jumbo Jenga is pretty great when you have a lot of space, it might be better to have a Jenga kit that was slightly larger than normal, but not quite jumbo sized.  It still needs a name!

First, I bought some stakes from the hardware store.

Second, I cut them up, and sanded the corners.  Use a better tool if you've got it - maybe a chop saw?

Finally, I played medium-sized-Jenga.  And it was perfect!

Lessons: not too much to see here.  Very easy, just cut your boards to a length that's roughly equal to three widths, and sand the corners so they're comfortable to play with and so they don't catch easily on the pile of blocks.   My blocks are about 5 by 1.75 by 0.75 inches, and the set fits nicely in a grocery bag.  The number of pieces isn't crucial, but my set is 60 pieces (20 rows, to start), and that seems perfect.

I think I'll allow the winner of each game to write their name on one block; after 40 years we'll tally it up.

And finally, in case you hadn't heard of it, there is a game called Fire Jenga.  Haven't played it... yet.  ;-)

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