Saturday, June 30, 2012

You can probably make yourself happier.

To my many and important blog followers, I thought I would share a great thing. Grateful160 is a free website that sends you a text or email one to four times a day. All you do is respond quickly with something you are grateful for and it records it. It keeps a record online for you. It will send you a record every week too.

It’s great to have a record. But the best part is definitely the reminder to be thankful each afternoon.   (Thanks to TannerTimes for reminding me to share this sentiment!)

But why should we all start recording our thankfulness?

Research continues to show that a major portion of individual's happiness is derived from their attitude, and that being grateful for the good things in your life is one way to have a better attitude.  Check out the various sources here.

Try it!  Sign up here and see how things go!

While we're on the subject of happiness, I should really point out that there's an entertaining documentary that I watched on WORLD HAPPY DAY back in February; here's the trailer for Happy!:

(HAPPY (and here) is now available on DVD and iTunes in US and Canada!)

Finally, there's a few TED talks that you can watch on the subject, here.  You'll see some common themes throughout all the research - one of which is to be grateful.

So take the first step, and sign up for this awesome daily text message service!

 Sign up here!  (Free)

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  1. Hey Holden, thanks for sharing this :) its funny because I was listening to a documentary about this book etc. on the radio when going back on Route 66 and programmed my mobile phone to remind me ... And it does make you happier by just thinking of the great things that happen to you and embracing a moment while smiling and being grateful for the wonders of this world, for the awesome people that I recently got to know better and for all the opportunities that life holds for us. We need to invent our own media that tells us about success stories rather than disaster. Have a great Sunday!


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