Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get out from behind that keyboard! "goStretch!"

Okay, so my home office isn't *that* inspiring, but I promise, the lawn that's hidden in the above picture is a beautiful spot. Between the palm and oak (?) tree, the lawn is great for people watching, eating meals, reading books, and stretching / yoga type stuff.

But sometimes I forget to take time out for my body and do some stretching...

Enter the "goStretch!" bookmark!

This is simply a little internet bookmark that I've positioned at the end of my bookmarks toolbar, to remind me, when I'm just surfing my favorite sites and gathering news, that I should go Stretch!

(The link can point anywhere, but how about a "yoga pose-a-day" type website? In my case, the link goes nowhere, I don't even click it, I just rise from my seat and have at it!)

So when you're done reading this article -- how about going for a stretch!

Your body will thank you!

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